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Children’s Mid-Day Meals Program Evaluation Study

Evaluating the effectiveness of a children's mid-day meals program in tea estates of Sri Lanka

The study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a mid-day meals program in certain tea estates, of Sri Lanka. The programme was designed to provide a balanced mid-day meal daily, to children attending care centres within the estates. Established in 2007, and currently benefiting over 2000 children, the program has not been quantitatively evaluated prior to this study.

Grappling with analytical issues such as missing baseline data and non-random allocation of continuous treatments, researchers Udeni De Silva Perera (RMIT University) and Brett Inder (Monash University) use complex econometric techniques to evaluate the program whilst adjusting for endogenous effects. Initial field work took place between 2015-2017 period. Project is set to be completed by mid 2020.