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Members of the International Development & Trade Research Centre

Professor Alberto Posso
, Research and research supervision

Professor of Economics with expertise in development economics, labour economics and applied econometrics.

Professor Simon Feeny
, Research supervision

Simon Feeny is professor in RMIT’s School of Economics, Finance and Marketing and group leader of the International Development and Trade Research Group.

Associate Professor Sefa Awaworyi Churchill
Principal Research Fellow
, Research supervision

Associate Professor Awaworyi Churchill is an applied economist. He conducts meta-analysis and empirical research in development economics, macroeconomics, energy economics, health economics, labour economics, microfinance…

Dr Meg Elkins
Senior Lecturer
, Research supervision

Meg Elkins is a lecturer with the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing with research interests in development economics, public policy evaluation, well-being and poverty.

Associate Professor Bilgehan Karabay
Associate Professor, Economics
, Research supervision

Bilgehan Karabay is an Associate Professor in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT.

Dr Ankita Mishra
Senior Lecturer
, Research supervision

Ankita Mishra is a lecturer with the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing with research interests in development economics and applied Macroeconomic Time Series Analysis.

Professor Imad Moosa
Professor, Finance
, Research supervision

Professor Imad Moosa is published in several fields including international finance, financial markets, macroeconomics, energy economics, applied econometrics and the history of economic thought.

Dr Ananta Neelim
Lecturer in Economics
, Research supervision

Ananta Neelim is a Lecturer in Economics who is interested in research in behavioural and experimental economics. His current research focuses on how social norms…

Dr Ahmed Skali
Lecturer, ECDF, Economics
, Research supervision

Dr Skali’s research is focused on the study of cultures, norms and institutions, with particular reference to their economic consequences and roots in human behaviour.

Associate Professor George Tawadros
Associate Professor
, Research supervision

Geaorge Tawadros is an active researcher and research supervisor in the area of Monetary Economics, Open-economy Macroeconomics, International Finance, and International Trade.

Dr Nobu Yamashita
Senior Lecturer
, Research supervision

Nobu Yamashita is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing. His main policy-oriented research covers the broad topic of empirical international…

Mrs Udeni De Silva Perera
Research Fellow

Udeni Perera is a Research Officer with the RMIT School of Economics, Finance and Marketing and a PhD researcher attached to Monash University.

  • Pham, Thi Thu Tra

    RMIT International, Vietnam

  • Le, Thai-Ha

    RMIT International, Vietnam

  • Mehwish Ghulam Ali

    “Gender Preference at Birth (GPB): The Importance of Timing of Discrimination”

  • Mihaela Balan

    “Systems Thinking in Foreign Aid: A New Paradigm?”

  • Ravindra Deyshappriya

    “Multidimensional Poverty in Sri Lanka”

  • Giang Pham

    The Adoption and Impact of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Vietnam”

  • Rizal Adi Prima

    “Social Protection, Dishonesty and Poverty Reduction in Indonesia”

  • Ryan Sanjaya

    “Conflict and Spiteful Behaviour in Indonesia”

  • Khuram Sharzad

    “Exploring Performance Determinants and Evaluation Framework of Industrial Cluster-based Common Facility Centers (CFCs) in Pakistan”

  • Nicholas Bodanac (MSc)

    Drug eradication Policies, Poverty and Displacement: The Case of Colombia

  • Liliya Gatina (PhD)

    The Financial Behaviour of Migrants to Australia

  • Lachlan McDonald (PhD)

    The Vulnerability and Resilience of Households in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands to Global Macroeconomic Shocks

  • Jigme Nidup (PhD)

    Essays on the Bhutanese Economy

  • Christine Tran (MSc)

    Determinants of Economic Growth and Genuine Progress in South Korea

  • Ngan Thanh Tran

    “The Interaction between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy to Achieve Price Stability in Emerging Market Economies”

  • Samuel Zhang

    “Financial Development and Development Outcomes: China and the Rest of the World”

  • Trinh Trong Anh

    “Household Well-Being In Vietnam: Impacts Of Climate Change, Climatic Shocks and Variability”